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Optical FAQ's

What are the benefits of purchasing my eyewear at Gould Eye Care Optical?

Dr. Sigmund Gould and Dr. Jason Gould are committed to providing quality eyewear to our patients. Their hands on approach closely teams the doctors with our optical staff so that our patients' eyewear needs are expertly handled. By offering on site optical services to our patients, we give you the option of incorporating the frame selection process into your appointment, thus saving you valuable time.

Are your glasses competitively priced?

YES! Many people think the prices in a doctor's office are higher than other retail outlets. The fact is, we know what our competitors charge so we can remain competitive. You may find a considerable price advantage at our optical, even if you have a vision plan or receive a discount through an affiliated company.

What type of buying experience can I expect?

You are very important to us. In keeping with the integrity of our medical practice, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible as you select your eyewear. Regardless of the frame styles and prices you are considering, our staff takes the time to answer your questions and present you with multiple options. In our office you are treated as a person, a friend.

How do I know I am getting good quality eyewear?

Our licensed optician and our technician are backed by years of experience. Every lens is inspected by our opticians and has to pass our own stringent standards before you receive your glasses. We take the time to fit you correctly and provide excellent after the sale service. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

What types of eyewear are available for my lifestyle?

Our optical staff will talk with you and make recommendations for eyewear that meets your personal needs. Besides regular prescription eyewear, including sunwear, we provide glasses for reading, computer, music, golf, safety eyewear, prescription swim goggles, and other specialized eyewear.

Can I get lightweight glasses?

Yes, although this depends upon your prescription and other options you are considering. Frames are made of different materials, such as titanium, stainless steel and lightweight plastics. Lenses for high prescriptions may be fabricated from thinner, lightweight materials such as high-index, or polycarbonate.

How long will it take to get my glasses?

Our lab deals with local processing labs which give us several deliveries per day. Some prescriptions may be filled the same day while others may take
longer, depending on the complexity of your prescription and other lens options.

What types of warranties and discounts do you offer?

Most frames have a one year (manufacturers defect and material) warranty. This does not cover mishandling or abuse. Scratch and anti-glare treatments, also have certain warranties. We offer a discount for purchases of multiple pairs of glasses. Discounts may depend on the type of vision coverage you have. We also run seasonal sales.